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Publisher's letter
On the Move

Back to School
Why continuous learning and training is important

From the Ground Up
One distributor proves that drive and motivation can help a new business flourish

NDC Exhibition Bigger than Ever

Say what you mean, mean what you say
Panel of dental professionals offer advice to distributor reps at NDC meeting

As Seen on TV
How Billy Mays taught us to be proud to be a pitchman

Teaching the power of inquiry
Can salespeople learn to stop talking and start asking questions?

Made in USA
Do dental products made in the USA still have an edge?

Business Wise
Dentists must believe in their service and know how to communicate this to their patients

'Oral Healthcare Can't Wait'
Industry initiative designed to encourage maintenance of oral health even in though economic times.

The focal point of the link between oral health and systemic health

Strategies to Beat the Flu

Dirty Little Secrets
Infection control expert Nancy Andrews answers your questions

Prophy Angles
The simplest sales hold their own

Understanding Secular Market Trends

Flies, fish and fun
Fly fishing casts a bit of enjoyment for one rep

Dental industry news

A Call to action
Being proactive to increase business and promote oral healthcare

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